Property Message Center

A two-way messaging tool that facilitates direct interaction between properties and travelers or agents for a more streamlined post-booking experience.


Improve the traveler experience

Give your travelers peace of mind by providing an enhanced experience and enabling travelers to reach out to properties to inquire about their needs.

Reduce cancellations on post-pay rates

Property cancellations drop by more than 30% on reservations where properties have messaged the traveler or a supporting agent.

Reduce customer support calls

Give travelers another way to contact the property with their queries and reduce the need to involve customer support.

Top Messaging Topics

Properties message travelers about:

  • Traveler arrival time queries
  • Welcome messages
  • Flight detail query
  • Airport transportation
  • Confirming reservations
  • Payment details

Travelers message properties about:

  • Specific booking/room confirmation
  • Amenities confirmation
  • Airport transportation query
  • Booking cancellation queries
  • Late check-in update

How does it work?

Below you can see how the Property Message Center works along with some user journey examples.

B2B Partner App connects to Expedia Group. Expedia Group directs communications to Hotel. Expedia Group sends Booking Confirmation which has link to View Reservation Details.

Conversation flow

1. Property-initiated messaging

The property wants to inform the traveler that they provide a complementary round-trip shuttle to and from the airport.

Example of chat style conversation between Property and Traveler. Property uses Conversations application to send and recieve messages. Traveler uses email.

2. Traveler-initiated messaging

Travelers have requested a cradle in their booking request and they want to reconfirm with the hotel.

Traveler can Message Hotel from Reservation Details and message will arrive in Conversations application for Property to review and respond.

Best practice

Property Message Center is a post-booking application.

Here are some examples of where to embed it to provide a better user experience to your travelers and reduce your costs in the process.

1. Add Property Message Center to the booking confirmation page

This scenario will help your customer to make a request or ask for information immediately after the booking experience.

Booking Confirmation page with Message Hotel button

2. Add Property Message Center to the itinerary page

This scenario will help your traveler to contact the property directly from their reservation page.

Reservation Details page with Message Hotel button

3. Add Property Message Center to the reservation email

This scenario will help your traveler contact the property directly from their reservation email.

Confirmation Email with Message Hotel button

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