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Rapid API
Our modular API will provide you with all the data points you and your travelers will need to complete a property booking. You will have access to region mappings, properties, rates and much more depending on the user experience you want to build.
Booking API
Create a reservation for the selected property, room, rate and occupancy.
Shopping API
Access live rates and availability for over 500,000 properties globally.
Content API
Rapid provides you with access to content for all of EPS’s properties.

Expedia Connectivity Hub
Integrate your connectivity product on the Expedia travel platform.
Check out our Lodging APIs
Vrbo Integration Central
Integrate your connectivity product on the Vrbo platform.
Check out our Vrbo APIs
Lodging Supply
Seamlessly connect properties to Expedia Group with our lodging services. Whether your software system manages property reservations, channel distribution, operations or all of the above, our lodging APIs will help you optimize, simplify, and automate.
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Traveler Reviews
13+ million
Property Images
Intelligent Geography Mappings
Languages Offered
600+ billion
AI Predictions
20+ million
Virtual Conversations
70+ trillion
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Rapid API
An intuitive API designed to deliver fast bookings for your hotel business.
Lodging Supply
Seamlessly connect your properties to Expedia Group.