Guest Reviews

Surface written property reviews from verified Expedia Group travelers in your shopping experience to help drive conversion.


Expedia Group travelers who have recently completed a stay are asked to rate properties and share written reviews of their experience. Rapid's Guest Reviews API gives you access to tens of millions of these written property reviews, so you can surface them to travelers on your sites, platforms, and apps.

The real experiences of other travelers can help your customers make the right booking decision for their trip and establish appropriate expectations for their stay.

How it works

Include a property ID and language in your Guest Reviews API request to ensure that the returned reviews are for the right property and in the preferred language for the traveler. We then return up to 100 reviews for that property from Expedia Group's inventory of user-generated content.

The Guest Reviews API response includes:

  • The overall rating, title and text of the review, and name of the reviewer
  • Month and year of the traveler's stay and date of review submission
  • Information on any travel companions -- categories include self, partner, family_with_children, family, friends, and pet
  • The associated type of trip or trip_reason including business, leisure, business_and_leisure, or friends_and_family
  • Any written responses from the property to a specific traveler review and the date of the response

Example Response

  "verified": {
    "recent": [
        "verification_source": "Expedia verified Review",
        "title": "Definitely staying again",
        "date_submitted": "2019-02-11T18:19:40Z",
        "rating": "5",
        "reviewer_name": "Bill",
        "stay_date": "2019-02",
        "trip_reason": "leisure",
        "travel_companion": "self",
        "text": "Staff very helpful and friendly. Pool was 18 meters deep, very strange."
        "verification_source": "Expedia verified Review",
        "title": "Pool much too deep",
        "date_submitted": "2019-02-10T11:15:01Z",
        "rating": "2",
        "reviewer_name": "Gregory",
        "stay_date": "2019-01",
        "trip_reason": "friends_and_family",
        "travel_companion": "family_with_children",
        "text": "Bottom of the 18 meter pool was too scary. Staff were nice though.",
        "management_responses": [
            "text": "Dear Guest, Thank you for your feedback. I hope we have the opportunity to welcome you back in the near future. Best regards, Kara (General Manager)",
            "date": "2019-02-11T14:36:54Z"

Reviews can be cached after a live call for up to 48 hours to help improve display speed.

Launch requirements

To access and display Expedia Group verified reviews in your lodging shopping and booking environment, you must adhere to the launch requirements.

For further information on the Rapid Guest Reviews API, please reach out to your account manager.

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