Star ratings

Understand how star ratings work.

The star ratings returned by the Rapid Content API offer guidance for travelers on what they can generally expect from the property in terms of furniture, services, and amenities. It is a value assigned either by Expedia Group or by a local star rating organization.

This star rating overview is not a promise of any particular feature or amenity. The features and amenities listed may not be available at condominiums, apartment-style facilities, bed and breakfast accommodations, and other specialty properties. Star rating criteria may vary from country to country. Additional information can be found in the other Rapid Content API sections of the property.

Using star ratings

When displaying star rating data on your site it's important to use consistent and clear visual representation. You can use icons or words to indicate the star rating level, but do be aware that the star symbol is a trademark in some regions. To avoid any issues, consider using alternative forms such as circle icons or the word "premium" instead of "4-star", for example.

Including a tooltip or a "What is this?" link next to the star rating is a good way to explain its source and meaning.

  • The Rapid Content API element is used to distinguish between official and Expedia Group sources in regions where an official rating is designated by the local authorities. These regions include France, Italy, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Israel. It will return a value of either star or alternate. star indicates the rating is provided by the property’s local star rating authority.
  • Regardless of the star rating type value, a rating returned for properties in other regions is an Expedia-assigned rating. An official rating is unavailable in such cases.
  • The element descriptions.national_ratings describes the source of the property's star rating (such as a regional or national tourism agency) and any other ratings claimed.

It's important to note that Expedia Group can assign a 0-star rating to some properties due to legal and city tax reasons, which doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of the property or its services.

When reviewing star rating data we recommend not excluding 0-star properties from your search results as you may find excellent options that match your customers' preferences and budgets. To gain a more comprehensive understanding of a property's quality and service we suggest using data from both the Content and Guest Reviews APIs.

In order to better assist customers in making informed decisions, it may be helpful to provide additional details regarding amenities and pricing for properties in the same category and location. If there are any questions or concerns about a property’s policies or services, it is always recommended to reach out to the property directly for further clarification.

Guide to star ratings

Star ratingServices and amenities
0-starA value of 0.0 or a blank value indicates no rating is available. This rating should not be shown and instead should be left blank.
1-starThese basic motels, hostels, and dormitories offer no-frills accommodations with minimal on-site facilities. Public access and guest reception may not operate 24 hours. Daily housekeeping service may not be offered. Guestrooms are small and functional, but may not have private bathrooms, TVs, or in-room telephones.
1.5-starHostels and dormitories in this classification customarily offer additional amenities such as billiards, Internet stations, and conversational seating areas. Basic motels may offer 24-hour reception, daily housekeeping service, and private bathrooms.
2-starThese budget properties offer basic accommodations and most offer 24-hour reception, daily housekeeping service, TVs, telephones, clothes racks or small closets, and private bathrooms sometimes with showers only. On-site dining is usually limited to a continental breakfast.
2.5-starThis classification contains limited-service properties (often all-suite economy properties in North America) offering upgraded quality and expanded comfort but without the amenities of full-service properties such as a restaurant or bell staff. An expanded continental breakfast, including hot items, is often served in a breakfast room. In Asia, multiple on-site dining options may be offered and at times in the Americas and Europe basic full-service properties will appear.
3-starProperties in this classification place a greater emphasis on comfort and service with many offering an on-site restaurant and bar. Baggage assistance is often available. Guestrooms typically feature more space, comfortable seating, and better-quality bedding. Bathrooms are often larger, with shower/tub combinations and expanded counter space.
3.5-starMany of these properties feature multiple restaurants, uniformed bell staff, and enhanced lobbies with upscale decor and live plants. Most properties feature upgraded guestroom decor, large desks paired with comfortable workstation chairs, and TVs housed in armoires. Amenities may include larger bathrooms, incandescent lighting, and stone counters. Resorts, and some properties in Asia, often feature attractive pool areas and small spa facilities or massage treatment rooms.
4-starLobbies typically offer upscale decor and multiple conversational areas. Services often include a dedicated concierge, valet parking, turndown service by request, and 24-hour room service. Guestrooms usually feature superior amenities such as large beds, additional seating, minibars, laptop-compatible safes, pillowtop mattresses, bathrobes, and upscale bath products. Decorative features such as crown molding, bathroom artwork, and granite or marble accents may appear. Resorts, and some properties in Asia, customarily feature full-service spas, tennis courts, golf access, child-care services, and upgraded pools with poolside food servers.
4.5-starFresh flowers, original art, and luxurious furnishings often adorn the lobbies. Amenities customarily include fine dining restaurants (occasionally award-winning), 24-hour room service with hot food items, and turndown service. Personalized service aims to anticipate guest needs. Guestrooms typically feature premium hardwood furniture, luxurious bedding with triple sheeting, and large bathrooms with separate bathtubs and showers, as well as materials such as granite or marble.
5-starAmenities typically include gourmet dining, luxury spas, and full-service health clubs with lavish locker rooms. Staff members are generally polished, anticipate guest needs, and consistently address guests by name. Features may include upgraded check-in, a welcome amenity, and butler service on all or select floors. Guestroom decor is often elegant and may include coordinated fabrics on drapes, chairs, headboards, and duvets. Electronic features sometimes include bedside controls for drapes, lighting, and surround-sound. Oversized bathrooms are often clad in marble with premium, custom-built features, dual-sink vanities, enclosed toilets, premium spa-brand toiletries, and fresh flowers or live plants. Five-star resorts typically offer signature golf courses, tennis centers with choice of playing surfaces, health clubs with personal trainers, luxurious spas, cultural activities, and children's day camps. In Asia, both properties and resorts often feature some of these amenities.

Please note that these guidelines are subject to change.

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