Inventory opportunities

Check which additional properties from our Rapid API you can offer to your travelers with inventory opportunities in EPS Portal.


Your inventory opportunities file is a list of properties you don't currently sell that are likely to convert well with your travelers. These are also referred to as unmapped properties.

Inventory opportunities are available for:

  • Existing Rapid API partners with over $100,000 net revenue in the last 12 months.
  • New partners with over $50,000 net revenue in the last 3 months.

Where can I find inventory opportunities?

The inventory opportunities page is located under analytics in your partner portal. We update your list monthly.

How we choose opportunities

We use your booking data and over 25 property attributes to identify properties that are highly relevant to your travelers. These properties are expected to generate more revenue for your business. The inventory opportunities page will show you the potential GBV of all relevant properties we find for you.

Exploring the inventory opportunities page

On the inventory opportunities page in your partner portal, you can explore new opportunities and download a .csv file to map these properties. On the page you’ll find:

  • The total number of properties relevant to your traveler that you don’t currently have on offer.
  • Total potential gross booking value (GBV) for all of the relevant, unmapped properties.
  • Filters to help you find the properties that best fit your current marketing or strategic goals.
  • A map view that highlights locations with the highest GBV opportunities.

How to customize your list

All of the properties we select for you are relevant to your travelers, but you can customize your list and explore the results in a map view. You can filter by:

  • Location: Select regions like APAC/EMEA/AMER or select specific locations.
  • Chain name: Filter by hotel chains, like Marriott or Hilton, or independent properties.
  • Property type: Filter by property type, like hotel, resort, guesthouse, etc.
  • Business model: Filter flex, direct agency, and merchant business models.
  • Property star rating.

How to download your list

To download a file that includes all properties that you haven’t mapped, click “download” on the top right corner above the map:


To download a file that only includes filtered properties, click “download” after applying your filters.

To download a file that only includes properties in a specific destination, click on the location on the map or select the destination name from the list on the left:


Lists of less than 10,000 properties will immediately download to your browser. Larger lists take longer to run. If your list includes more than 10,000 properties, we’ll send you an email when it’s ready for you to download.

We’ll deliver the file as a .csv with these columns:

  • Property ID
  • Property
  • Property SuperRegion
  • Country
  • Address Line
  • City
  • Parent Chain
  • Vacation Rental Category
  • Type
  • Half Star Rating
  • 24h Check-In Flag
  • Contract Model
  • Relevancy Score

Your downloaded file will include a specific relevancy score for each property. This number helps further rank relevant properties, but all the properties are relevant to your travelers and are included in the potential GBV calculation you’ll see on the inventory opportunities page.

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