Transitioning to Rapid SDK v4.1.0 and Later

What's Changed

In the Rapid SDK v4.1.0, we have introduced a new paradigm for SDK interaction based on Operations.

In the previous versions, the interaction was as follows:

rapidClient.operationX(requestXData, param1, param2, param3, ..., paramN);

In the latest version, the interaction has been modified to:

OperationXParams operationXParams = OperationXParams.builder()
OperationX operationX = new OperationX(requestXData, operationXParams);


  • operationX: Represents the operation to be executed. See Usage Examples for real-world examples.
  • The old methods are deprecated and will be removed in future versions.

Why the Change?

The transition to an Operation-based interaction model with the SDK offers a more uniform and extendable approach for Rapid API usage. This change also paves the way for future enhancements and features, ensuring backward compatibility.

Moreover, the new model simplifies the interaction to a single execute method, eliminating the need for multiple operation-specific methods.

How to Migrate?

  1. Update your rapid-sdk dependency to version 4.1.0 or later.
  2. Refactor your code to adopt the new Operation-based interaction model with the SDK.

For detailed instructions on using the new Rapid SDK, refer to the updated Usage Examples.

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