Hotel Loyalty Points

Travelers can earn hotel loyalty points on business rate bookings.

Business travelers value the opportunity to earn points on their preferred hotel’s loyalty program for their business stays. This can be a key driver in a business traveler’s booking decisions.

Properties with loyalty schemes that participate in Expedia’s business rate program offer the opportunity for business travelers to earn hotel loyalty points for their stays.

Rapid partners that are eligible to receive Expedia business rates can leverage the API to promote these point-earning opportunities to business travelers during their shopping journey.

Identifying business rates eligible for hotel loyalty point earn

Rates eligible for earning loyalty points will have the following field in the Content API response. It is also available in the Shopping API response under the amenities node:

  "id": "2096",
  "name": "Eligible for hotel loyalty points"

Partners can specifically search for loyalty eligible business rates by using the “loyalty” value filter in their Shopping API requests.

curl -X GET "\
&travel_purpose=leisure" \
 -H "accept: application/json, application/json"\
 -H "accept-encoding: gzip"\
 -H "authorization: EAN apikey=abcd1234,signature=090a77e7ddd7779980231,timestamp=1697664047"\
 -H "user-agent: TravelNow/3.30.112"

Best Practice: We recommend making it clear to travelers during the shopping process which rates offer them the opportunity to earn hotel loyalty points. This can help drive conversion since business travelers are motivated to earn hotel points for work stays.

Passing traveler’s loyalty program details

Partners should provide a traveler’s loyalty member ID along with the loyalty program ID in their Booking API requests for bookings on rates eligible for loyalty earn. This information can then be passed on to the hotel to fulfill the points earned for the stay.

    "rooms": [
            "given_name": "John",
            "family_name": "Smith",
            "smoking": false,
            "special_request": "Top floor or away from street please",
            "loyalty": {
                "member_id": "123456789",
                "program_id": "HH"

Best Practice: For eligible bookings, we recommend business travelers confirm the status of their loyalty points directly with the hotel at the time of check-in.

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