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  • Vrbo refunds may take longer to process as property hosts are responsible for initiating a booking status change and refund in many cases.
  • Guests should be clearly informed that service fees are only refundable when the entire booking is 100% refundable. Once the booking enters a partially refundable or fully non-refundable state, the service fee is no longer refundable.
  • If the guest negotiates with the property to refund a non-refundable booking, the service fee is also refunded. If it is not received, Vrbo support can provide guidance to the host on how to refund the service fee.
  • Please note, cancel waivers are not as common with single-unit vacation rental properties as with conventional lodging. Single-unit property hosts cannot easily re-book their property nor are they compelled to maintain a relationship as a hotel would.

Refunds for booking cancellations are initiated either as part of the cancel API or as a request to the property to cancel and refund a booking. If a refund is not received, Vrbo support can help to prompt the host to complete the refund process. Refunds for damage deposits are typically automatically processed within 12 days of departure. The amount of the refund will reflect any damage communicated by the host to the guest.

Book with Confidence Guarantee

Vrbo's Book with Confidence Guarantee does apply to partner bookings made via the Rapid API. Please see here for more details. The Book with Confidence Guarantee is a back-up, Vrbo support will make every effort to resolve the issue with the host first. Vrbo support may advise you or the guest to initiate a charge-back with the card provider as an interim step.

Vrbo Booking Management Tools

Guests will receive confirmation emails and host communications via Vrbo and are offered the ability to self-service their booking on Vrbo's site. Vrbo.com booking management tools provide the following capabilities and information:

  • View booking details
  • View payment schedule, payments received, payments pending, payments due, or refund status
  • Communicate with the host
  • Download invoice for booking and/or service fee
  • Cancel the booking
  • View Welcome Guide details, property location, and host information


Please keep the following in mind when requesting support:

  • You must contact TPSP/Vrbo support first for any issues with the booking or stay.
  • Support should be contacted immediately when an issue arises.
  • If the guest is onsite and unable to access the property, finds the property not as described, or has a complaint about the state of the property they must request assistance immediately. Guests should not re-book themselves or wait until post-stay to raise concerns. Vrbo can only act while the guest is onsite.
  • Guests may contact the host or Vrbo support directly, based on email communications they have received.
  • You can require guests to contact your own support agents, who will contact TPSP. TPSP can authenticate your support agent with the Vrbo agent, to confirm your agent’s ability to represent the guest.
  • Vrbo is unable to support email support tickets currently. All support requests should be initiated via phone with TPSP/Vrbo.
  • Vrbo support agents are not always able to immediately resolve guest issues. Resolution often requires communication with the host, who may not be available in real time. Vrbo will create a ticket and follow up with the host offline.
  • Issues where the property is not as described by the Rapid API should be escalated to the EG account manager.


Relocations for Vrbo bookings are handled by Vrbo support. Relocations may occur in the following circumstances:

  • Property does not exist
  • Property is not as described
  • Property cannot locate booking
  • Property is double-booked

Vrbo will attempt to find a similar accommodation, but in the case of same-day relocations they will often look for a hotel, or combination of hotel and vacation rental for longer stays.

Host Cancellations and Other Unacceptable Behaviour

Every Vrbo property is unique, as are their owners and policies. As a result, Vrbo hosts have more flexibility to cancel bookings. However, excessive cancellations will incur penalties with Vrbo. Supplier cancellations may arise from the following:

  • Host receives multiple bookings on the same day, before they have updated their calendar.
  • Host has a booking request on another platform.
  • Host has identified a third party involved in the transaction and refuses the booking. Hosts may also attempt to abuse the Vrbo platform. Please ensure any such issue is reported to Vrbo so the behaviour is noted and addressed by the Vrbo supply team:
    • Host cancels at the last minute
    • Host asks the guest to take the booking offline for a better price
    • Host offers the guest a discount to book directly next time
    • Host asks for additional fees or a higher rate than originally booked
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