Rapid SDK Developer Guide

The Rapid SDK makes integrating simple, saving development time so you can focus more on getting your product to market and less on the technical details of the API.

SDK overview

What is an SDK?

In a nutshell, a software development kit (SDK) is a collection of software development tools in one easily installable package. By taking advantage of the Rapid SDK partners can streamline their integration journey and remove the need to build functionality from scratch.

What's the difference between an SDK and an API?

An SDK provides developers with documentation, APIs, code samples, and libraries and processes. All the essential building blocks for the software product.

By contrast, an API only provides the necessary code that allows two software programs to communicate and share information with one another. As such, at least one API is often included in an SDK because, without an API, applications can’t relay information and work together.

What are the advantages of using an SDK?

  • Efficiency. SDKs let developers easily build the standard components of their apps and add functionality to them without having to build everything from the ground up themselves.
  • Simplified integration. SDKs reduce the complexity of integrations by simplifying standard processes.
  • Documentation and code libraries. SDKs include a variety of resources including documentation and code samples that developers can use to build and maintain applications.
  • Enhanced functionality. SDKs help developers enhance apps with more functionality or create new tools.
  • Cost savings. SDKs speed up the development process and make it quicker to get new apps to market meaning apps built with SDKs can offer substantial cost savings. SDK integrations also don't require specialized technical skills meaning partners can perform in-house integrations without needing outside professionals.
  • Customization. SDKs offer partners the opportunity to develop apps with personalized user experiences.

You can find a step-by-step guide to using the Rapid SDK for your integration here.

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