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How it all works

Rapid is designed to make building your booking path intuitive and easy.

Our modular API will provide you with all the data points you and your travelers need to complete a property booking. You will have access to region mappings, properties, rates, and much more depending on the user experience you want to build. This page explains how our booking path works.

Building your booking request flow

This is a simple guide designed to walk you through building a booking path. Once you’re ready to start integration, you can use our API documentation pages for more detailed information on each API module.

1. Get static content

The property catalog provides the core information you need to identify properties including the property ID, name and address, contact information, and star rating. Property content requires daily refreshes.

2. Get geography information

The Geography API allows you to obtain defined geography regions, region hierarchy, and properties available within specific regions.

3. Shop for properties

Call the Shopping API with stay dates, occupancy details, and your desired property IDs.

The response will return all available rooms at each property along with specific rates, fees, and cancellation policies for each room option. Each room object returned also contains ready-to-use tokenized links for the next step in the booking process.

Obtain payment options

Use the payment options link to determine the available payment options for the property. The payment options link can be used at any time during the booking process, depending on when you choose to show the available payment options to the traveler.

To prepare to book, use the price_checklink from the room object in the Shop response to verify the selected rate.

If the rate matches, you will receive a MATCHED confirmation and the link value required for your booking request. If the rate has changed, you will receive the new rate information and a link value to book with the new rate.

Send your booking request with the booking link value, guest information, and the appropriate payment information.

5. Booking response

The response will return an itinerary ID and links to retrieve reservation details, cancel the booking, or resume the booking (if a held booking is created).

Store links

We recommend you store the retrieve link against your traveler's details for faster booking retrieval in the future.

Add all the information to your final booking confirmation page and that's it! You've completed your booking path.

Use the retrieve link provided in your Booking response to retrieve the full itinerary record.

6. Retrieve itinerary record

The Retrieve response confirms all dates, rates, the room type booked, confirmation numbers, and the current status of the booking.

Use Retrieve to obtain the Property Message Center link, a two-way messaging tool for direct communication with the property. The Retrieve response also has the option to change details of a room such as name, smoking preference, or special request.

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