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Rapid innovation, built to last

Build a custom end-to-end lodging booking experience with easy integration, industry-leading supply, and competitive rates


Simple integration, modular control, and continuous innovation

Rapid API powers end-to-end lodging bookings for the world’s leading airlines, OTAs, and loyalty and membership programs.

The modular design of our API means you can easily customize the traveler booking journey to suit your business’ needs. And with the latest rollout, Rapid 3, you’ll automatically get access to the newest features as soon as they’re available, without needing to upgrade.

Access 700,000 global accommodations

With Rapid API, you’ll unlock access to Expedia Group’s industry-leading lodging inventory, which includes 700,000 properties across 250,000 destinations and over 25 different property types — from chains to boutique hotels and apartments to houseboats.

But all the choice in the world doesn’t help if your travelers can’t find what they’re looking for. Rapid API makes it easy to search smarter with our intelligent geography mappings.



Rich content for a better user experience and higher conversion rate

Travelers are more likely to convert with high quality descriptions and images. Rapid API delivers more than 29 million high-resolution property images and 21 million high-resolution room images optimized for proven conversion.

We also know that ratings and reviews are one of the most effective conversion tools in today’s world of travel. That’s why Rapid API delivers over 82 million traveler ratings and more than 57 million written traveler reviews from across the Expedia Group brands. Plus, new user-generated content is available on the API every day.

We’re partners for the long haul

We know your business is always evolving, which is why we are too. The Expedia Group team of travel industry and technical experts are here to support you at every stage of your growth — from making sure your initial integration goes smoothly, to helping you achieve your business goals.

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