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Launch requirements

Launch requirements help ensure your integration is fully ready to serve your intended user and/or traveler base.

Launch requirements set the standards your integration must meet before we permit your site, service, or app to go live and begin making bookings.

When you complete development on your integration, you must request and pass a site review by our support team. Support will communicate with you directly during the review process, including assisting with any requirements.

Note that you may be required to go back and fix or implement certain launch requirements in order to pass your site review. To help avoid such delays, we strongly recommends following the appropriate launch requirements during development.

The launch requirements your integration must follow depend on the specific inventories and business types your integration will serve. Rapid offers the below public launch requirement sets. Consult with your Rapid representative if you are unsure which set to use or if any specific requirements need clarification.

Requesting a site review

When you are satisfied that your site meets the requirements outlined in the appropriate launch requirement list, you may request a site review.

Before submitting your request, please be prepared to provide API request/response logs as you use them in your application.

  1. Visit the Rapid service desk and select Submit a request from the top menu.
  2. Choose the 'Request review' option from the dropdown menu and fill out the resulting form completely.
  3. Review and submit the form to create a ticket for your review request.
  4. Your review request ticket will be updated as the status of your review progresses. Most reviews are completed within 10 business days.

If your requirements are not listed above, they will be available in the secure documentation section of our support site. Please reach out to your Rapid representative who will provide you with the required access.

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