Unavailable reason codes

Request the reason why a property is unavailable for the dates and/or occupancy given.

The unavailable_reason feature allows you to request actionable information on why a property is fully unavailable for a set stay (stay dates and occupancies). The optional request parameter include=unavailable_reason must be included when shopping to receive this information in the response.

unavailable_reason codeDescriptionInformation returned in data field
adults_exceed_thresholdNumber of adults requested exceeds room threshold.Maximum value.
children_exceed_thresholdNumber of children requested exceeds room threshold.Maximum value.
infants_exceed_thresholdNumber of infants requested exceeds room threshold.Maximum value.
minimum_child_ageChild age requested is less than the minimum age specified for the room.Minimum value.
maximum_occupancyNumber of occupants exceed the specified room limit.Maximum value.
checkin_not_allowedCheck-in not allowed for this stay date.n/a
checkout_not_allowedCheck-out not allowed for this stay date.n/a
minimum_stayLength of stay is less than minimum.Minimum value.
maximum_stayLength of stay is greater than maximum.Maximum value.
restricted_stay_lengthsSome stay lengths are not available for this check-in date.Allowed lengths separated by a pipe*
same_day_restrictionsRoom is not available due to same day booking restrictions.n/a
maximum_roomsRoom count exceeds provider limit.Maximum value.
children_not_supportedThe property is restricted to adults only.n/a
minimum_advance_purchaseMinimum advance purchase requirement not met.Minimum value.
maximum_advance_purchaseMaximum advance purchase requirement not met.Maximum value.
partial_inventory_availableSome of the dates have no inventory available for the specified duration.Unavailable dates separated by a pipe*
no_inventory_availableNo inventory is available for the specified duration.n/a
  • pipe = |
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