Vrbo link-off

Remove the obstacles and provide your travelers with 2 million vacation rentals from Vrbo.

We're partnering with Vrbo to bring you and your travelers 2 million vacation rentals via Rapid.

Travelers choose vacation rentals for space, luxury amenities, and an experience that they can’t find at a hotel. These travelers typically stay for longer and have higher average booking values – so why not give your travelers more of what they want?

Vacation rentals

Vrbo link-off is an easy-to-integrate solution that will accelerate your vacation rental revenue, whilst unblocking the main challenges that arise when selling vacation rentals. The traveler will start on your site before being redirected to Vrbo to complete their booking, giving them access to any of Vrbo’s 2 million properties through an optimized user experience.

Vrbo will:

  • Display everything your traveler needs to know about the property.
  • Ensure the most relevant results are curated and sorted for travelers.
  • Handle deposits and payment schedules.
  • Support any traveler enquiries through their customer support tools.

You can even co-brand the Vrbo shopping and check-out experience, and all customer transactions are tracked and accessible to view through Vrbo reporting.

How do I get started?

There are three integration options to choose from below depending on the level of development you wish to carry out.

Hyperlink a vacation rentals tab onto your site’s navigation bar or add a vacation rental prompt in your search results page that redirects to Vrbo. No API integration is required for this option, which means you can start offering vacation rentals today.

Basic link-off image

2. Vacation rental landing page widget

Creating a landing page that uses the Vrbo search widget gives you more flexibility to provide context to the traveler before they are redirected to Vrbo. This option also doesn’t require any API development and will enable you to get started quickly.

Vacation rental landing page widget image

3. Vacation rental landing page widget + search results

In addition to option 2, you can also build a search results page on your site, showing Vrbo properties. When a traveler then clicks on a vacation rental to see more information, they will be redirected to Vrbo.

This option requires API integration with Rapid Content and Shop. However, your investment here will be scalable in the future as more API capabilities are built into Rapid for Vrbo supply.

VRBO link-off user flow example

1. General

The integration instructions below assume access to, and familiarity with, Rapid API. Vrbo link-off capabilities are available via the Rapid Content and Shop APIs. Access to this inventory requires approval and contracting with EPS, Vrbo, and Partnerize. Once approved, access will be enabled by Partner Connect.

Review of partner implementation between EPS and the Vrbo affiliate program is required prior to launch. Launch requirements can be reviewed here.

1.1 API flow

There are a variety of ways in which partners can link a customer over to Vrbo for check-out:

  • Marketing campaign banner/link directly to Vrbo search page.

Vrbo marketing banner

Vrbo search

  • Search widget to Vrbo search results page. Vrbo search results

Vrbo search results

  • Integration with Rapid Content/Shop. Link from partner search results page to Vrbo.
    • Recommended target: Vrbo search results page with selected property pinned to the top is recommended for best conversion results.
    • Alternative target: Vrbo property details page (PDP). The Vrbo PDP provides information and tools not otherwise available through Rapid such as additional inventory selection, property manager conversations, granular fee break-out, detailed payment schedule, and a property availability calendar.
    • Alternative target: Vrbo check-out page.
      • Please note that the check-out page cannot offer the full capabilities vacation rental customers enjoy on the Vrbo PDP, including:
        • Detailed fee breakdown.
        • Unit configuration details including bed types in each room.
        • Payment schedule and full cancellation policy details.
        • Property manager communication.
        • Premier property identifier.
        • Availability calendar.

Partner search results can include up to 1 million instantly bookable properties, but customers can easily see any of Vrbo's ~2 million properties after link-off.

1.2 Traveler experience

  1. Partner site: Guest inputs search criteria.

  2. Partner site: Guest reviews matching properties/prices in search results.

  3. Partner site: Guest is informed of Vrbo relationship and is linked off to Vrbo's site.

  4. Vrbo: Guest views selected property alongside other Vrbo inventory (SERP).

  5. Vrbo: Guest views selected (or alternative) property details page.

    • View rate detail, policies, house rules, availability calendar, and property manager information.
    • Direct any questions to property manager where necessary (guest contact information is protected).
  6. Vrbo: Guest proceeds through Vrbo check-out flow to make a booking.

    • Review the payment schedule, damage deposits, and rental agreement.
    • Provide contact info and payment details.
    • Submit booking.
    • Card charged by Vrbo and/or 3rd party property management company per payment schedule.
  7. Vrbo Post-Book: Guest receives confirmation and support from Vrbo.

    • Receive email confirmation from Vrbo and/or property manager.
    • Manage booking on Vrbo site (ask property manager any questions, view payment invoice, payment schedule, or pre-pay next scheduled payment).
    • Cancel booking if needed.

1.3 Partner experience

  1. Agreement with Partnerize/Vrbo provides affiliate identifier used in link-off URL.

  2. Develop/test Rapid with Vrbo inventory.

  3. Request access for co-branding.

  4. Request access to check-out loyalty field and reporting if required.

  5. Pass launch requirements review.

  6. Train partner support team on escalation procedures (see support section below).

  7. Ensure shopper understands they are being directed to another site to continue their shopping and booking.

  8. Access Partnerize reporting to see customer traffic (no PII), including clicks, conversion data, and total/partner margin.

2. API

2.1 Geography API

  • Vrbo inventory is supported by EPS Rapid Geography APIs.

2.2 Content Files

  • Vrbo inventory appears in the Rapid Content File by providing the beta=vrbo_srp header in the request.
  • Only Vrbo properties will be returned.

2.3 Content APIs

  • Vrbo inventory can be requested by providing the beta=vrbo_srp header in the request.
  • Only Vrbo properties will be returned.
  • Vrbo inventory considerations:
    • Property names are often longer, e.g. 'Fantastic apartment within walking distance of the wonderful Meia Praia beach'.
    • Vrbo properties are single-unit only at this time.
    • Property managers often manage their private residence so maintaining privacy is critical. The two obfuscation attributes reflect property manager preferences for distribution of their property on partner sites, and must be reflected:
      • For Vrbo properties, when address obfuscation_required=true we now suppress the street address from our Content response. However, partners may still show the city/state portions of the address.


"obfuscated_coordinates": {
                "latitude": 47.417954,
                "longitude": 12.42106
"obfuscation_required": true
  • registry_number is a required field for display when present for all vacation rental inventory, including Vrbo. Please display when this value exists.
  • private_host_property (attribute ID 1073745102) is a required field for vacation rental property display which also applies to Vrbo. This is required for all European POSa. Please display when this value exists.


"general": {
     "1073745021": {                    
          "id": "1073745102",
          "name": "Private host property"
  • The following content fields may not appear for Vrbo properties:
    • Property rating - Ratings are not available for Vrbo properties at this time.
    • Room description - Not relevant to single-unit vacation rental properties. See property description.
    • Rate plan - Not relevant to Vrbo properties.
    • Room level information - All room level details are available at the property level.
  • Content includes the following new fields:
    • Statistics:
      • 1073743378 number of bedrooms
      • 1073743379 number of bathrooms
  • house_rules - Summary of rules of the house, including children allowed, pet policy, parties, smoking policy, etc.


"policies": {
            "house_rules": [
                "Children welcome",
                "No pets",
                "No smoking",
                "No parties or events"
  • General description - Many Vrbo properties include a description of the property as provided by the property manager.


'Looking for something different? A stay in an apartment may be the right choice for your trip to Aurach bei Kitzbuehel. Enjoy the comforts and conveniences of this 2-bedroom apartment with features like a fireplace. You'll be 1.3 mi from Hahnenkamm Ski Area, 2.7 mi from Kitzbueheler Horn Ski Area, and 1.9 mi from Kitzbuehel Tennis Stadium. You can take advantage of the outdoor tennis court on site. A TV will appeal to the kids (or the kids at heart). Onsite parking is available during your stay.'

  • Property manager name, spoken languages, and image URL.


"property_manager": {
      "name": "HHD AG | INTERHOME",
      "links": {
           "image": {
                    "method": "GET",
                    "href": "https://imageseu-ssl.homeaway.com/vd2/files/vv/profiles/1165196_use_1564652167.png"
     "spoken_languages": {
          "de": {
                "id": "de",
                "name": "German"
           "en": {
                "id": "en",
                "name": "English"
  • platform_property:TRUE - Indicates the property is a platform property (Vrbo is merchant of record) and not an IPM property (integrated property manager with 3rd party merchant of record). This information may be used to filter properties by platform, where the guest will be supported directly by Vrbo and Vrbo tools. For booking trial partners this may also be used to limit bookable inventory to platform properties.
  • vrbo_srp_id - Indicates the Vrbo property ID in the format required for the Vrbo SRP link-off URL construction.


"vrbo_srp_id": "651.2748905.3300127",
  • listing_id - Required for PDP link-off URL construction.


"listing_id": "2748905",
  • listing_number - Required for PDP link-off URL construction.


"listing_number": "3300127",
  • listing_source - Required for PDP link-off URL construction.


"listing_source": "abritel",
  • unit_number - Required for CXO link-off URL construction.


"unit_number": "/units/0002/c82d1ea6-7953-4984-baba-1664f8ded95d",

2.4 Shop API

  • Vrbo property availability can be obtained from the Availability API, including pricing information.
  • Total price returned by the Availability API should be consistent with what the traveler sees after linking-off to Vrbo.com.
  • The price check link in the Shop response for Vrbo inventory will be blank for link-off partners.
  • Some information in the Shop response is not relevant to Vrbo properties, including:
    • Rooms (includes bed groups and occupancy).
    • Rates (includes rate plan amenities and special offer description).
  • Shop response considerations:
    • Single room only. Multiple room bookings are not supported as Vrbo properties are single-availability.
    • Same day bookings not supported (no availability will be returned).
    • Supported rate types:
      • Standard only, no base/net or package.
      • Stand-alone rates only.
    • Fields which may not be relevant to Vrbo inventory:
      • Room ID
      • Room name
      • Rate ID
      • Available rooms: Always 0 for Vrbo properties.
      • Rate type: Only a single rate type for Vrbo properties (all single-unit at this time).
      • Bed groups and configuration: Not applicable to Vrbo as no selection/preference available.
      • Deposit policy link: Not available for Vrbo bookings at this time, but will be exposed later in the trial. In the meantime (and once available), additional messaging should be added to the display to inform the traveler that full payment schedule will be provided as part of the confirmation email from Vrbo or the property manager post-booking.
      • Property fees: Does not include stay collected fees for Vrbo inventory.
      • Promo ID and description: Not applicable to Vrbo inventory.
      • Alternative properties: Not relevant to Vrbo inventory.
      • Cross-sell recommendations: Not relevant to Vrbo inventory.
  • Shop response new fields:
    • property_fee


"type": "property_fee",
"value": "34.75",
"currency": "USD"
  • traveler_service_fee


"type": "traveler_service_fee",
"value": "30.25",
"currency": "USD"
  • refundable_damage_deposit: Amount charged to the customer card as part of the last scheduled payment. If booking dates are soon and 100% of rate is due immediately, RDD could be charged at the same time. RDD is then refunded approximately ten days after the guest's departure assuming no property damage.


"fees": {
     "refundable_damage_deposit": {
          "request_currency": {
          "value": "150.00",
          "currency": "USD"
     "billable_currency": {
          "value": "150.00",
          "currency": "USD"
     "scope": "per_accommodation",
     "frequency": "per_stay"
  • card_on_file_fee: Instead of the RDD, a card-on-file amount indicates that Vrbo has the right to charge the provided card if the guest causes property damage.


"fees": {
     "card_on_file_fee": {
          "request_currency": {
          "value": "1382.74",
          "currency": "USD"
     "billable_currency": {
         "value": "1000.00",
         "currency": "GBP"
     "scope": "per_accommodation",
     "frequency": "per_stay"

2.5 Other

  • For Vrbo link-off partners the following Rapid APIs are not supported:
    • Deposit policies
    • Payment options
    • Recommendations (cross-sell/alternative properties)
    • Price check
    • Book
    • Itinerary
    • Soft change
    • Cancel
    • Notification service

The link to Vrbo consists of two parts:

  1. Partnerize URL, including camref received as part of Partnerize onboarding process.

  2. Vrbo target URL.

Example of full link-off URL:


3.1 Partnerize URL

Please refer to documentation received from Vrbo as part of your Partnerize agreement. This document will include more detailed instructions on the format of the Partnerize link.

Basically, it takes the following format: where '##########' is replaced by your partner-specific camref received from Partnerize:


3.2 Vrbo target URL

The Vrbo target URL varies based on where you would like to land the traveler on Vrbo's site. The SRP (search results page with selected property pinned to the top) option is recommended for best guest conversion and access to the full ~2 million Vrbo properties.

1. SRP: Search results page with selected property pinned to the top.

Benefit: Traveler will arrive at Vrbo search results with selected property on top. They have the opportunity to confirm the location of the property on a map, and see other nearby properties (from the full selection of 2M+ Vrbo properties, including properties which are not instantly confirmed).


Search results page

2. Property details page (PDP): Guest will land on the selected property's details page.


Property details page

3. Check-out (CXO): Guest will land on the Vrbo check-out page. This is a trial offering which should be discussed with Partner Connect.

3.3 Link construction

Affiliate network provider URL construction

Please see documentation provided by the contracted affiliate tracking provider for URL formation.

Search results pinned (SRP)

SRP URLs consist of the following components:

  1. Affiliate network tracking URL
  2. Vrbo base URL: https://www.vrbo.com/
  3. Non-US language/POSa (see list of locales in appendix): en-ca/
  4. Dates: "results/arrival:[yyyy-mm-dd]/departure:[yyyy-mm-dd]
  5. Guests: ?adultsCount=3
  6. Target property to pin to the top: &pinnedPropertyListing=
  7. BrandID: 321. (included in Rapid content within vrbo_srp_id)
  8. Listing ID: 4654022. (included in Rapid content within vrbo_srp_id)
  9. Listing number: 5414675 (included in Rapid content within vrbo_srp_id)
  10. For non-US POSa: &preferlocale=true



Non-US example:


Property details page (PDP)

SRP URLs consist of the following components:

  1. Affiliate network tracking URL
  2. Vrbo base URL: https://www.vrbo.com/
  3. Non-US POSa (see list of locales in appendix below): en-ca/
  4. "p" for non-US POSa
  5. listing_id
  6. Listing source suffix (see appendix below). Note the suffix for US and international POSa differ.
  7. Guests: ?adultsCount=[3]
  8. Dates: "&arrival:[YYYY-MM-DD]&departure:[YYYY-MM-DD]



Non-US example:


Check-out page (CXO)

CXO URL includes the following components:

  1. Affiliate network tracking URL
  2. Vrbo base URL: https://www.vrbo.com/
  3. Non-US language/POSa (see list of locales in appendix): en-ca/
  4. "/td/tc/checkout/?"
  5. vrbo_srp_id
  6. Listing_unit: ?unitLink=/units/0002/c82d1ea6-7953-4984-baba-1664f8ded95d"
  7. Dates: "&arrivaDatel:mm/dd/yyyy&departureDate=mm/dd/yyyyy
  8. Guests: &adultsCount=[3]&childrenCount=[0]



Non-US example:


4. Support

Customer education

As part of your link-off flow the customer should be informed that:

  1. They are being directed to the Vrbo site to continue shopping and booking.
  2. Bookings made with Vrbo will be supported by Vrbo. Customers should refer to Vrbo communications regarding customer support access as the partner has no record of the booking, or tools to help resolve any issues.

API integration

Questions about topics included in this document and in relation to the Rapid Content and Shop APIs should be directed to your EPS Partner Connect representative.

Vrbo link and Vrbo shopping experience

For questions about the Partnerize link, the target Vrbo page, co-branding, or the customer's shop/book/post-book experience, please contact your Vrbo affiliate team representative.

Post-book issues

Questions about bookings should be directed to the property manager (please see the booking confirmation email for contact details) or Vrbo support directly. EPS does not have access to Vrbo support tools at this time, so all booking-related questions should be escalated to the Vrbo team directly.


Questions about shopping and booking reporting should be directed to the Vrbo affiliate team or your Partnerize representative.

5. Appendix

Supported languages: Supported languages

Supported currencies: Supported currencies

Base URL

The base URLs below represent the link portion before the property ID in the Vrbo link.

POSaLocaleSRP Base URL
Canada (English)en-cahttps://www.vrbo.com/en-ca/
Canada (French)en-cahttps://www.vrbo.com/fr-ca/
Great Britainen-gbhttps://www.vrbo.com/en-gb/

Property ID suffix for PDP URL

US vrbo.com property ID + suffix

Field: listing_sourceUS PoSa SuffixProperty ID + SuffixFull URL Example

Non-US vrbo.com property ID + suffix

Field: listing_sourceNon-US PoSa SuffixProperty ID + non-US SuffixFull URL Example

The Vrbo Partnerize Linking Guide can be downloaded here.

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