Shopping test requests

To assist you in testing your integration's handling of possible shopping error states, test requests are available for all methods of the Rapid Shopping API.

Important test Shopping notes

  • To send a test request for the Rapid Shopping API method, include an additional HTTP header named test in your booking request and use the appropriate value from the tables below.
  • Failing to send a test header or sending an invalid test header will cause the shopping to be processed live.
  • Using a test header will result in a static 'canned' message returned as a response. Therefore, rates/content etc. returned may not be relevant with the properties being tested.


Test header valueHTTP code and responseStatus
standard200 - Standard responseavailable
no_availability200 - Standard responsesold_out
unknown_internal_error500 - Internal errorN/A
service_unavailable503 - Service unavailable errorN/A

Price Check

Test header valueHTTP code and responseStatus
available200 - Standard responseavailable
price_changed200 - Standard responseprice_changed
sold_out200 - Standard responsesold_out
unknown_internal_error500 - Internal errorNA
service_unavailable503 - Service unavailable errorNA

Deposit policy

Test header valueHTTP code and response
all200 - Standard response with all options
night200 - Standard night-based deposit response
amount200 - Standard amount-based deposit response
percent200 - Standard percentage-based deposit response
remainder200 - Standard remainder-based deposit response
unknown_internal_error500 - Internal error
service_unavailable503 - Service unavailable error

For more information on HTTP error codes see common error responses.

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