Manage Booking

The Manage Booking API allows you to discover how to use the Retrieve, Change, and Cancel API calls to manage existing itineraries.

Pre-built links for itinerary retrieval and room cancellations are returned in each successful Create Booking response.

Retrieving a booking that is currently on hold will provide additional links to resume and cancel. However, because the booking has not yet been fully completed, the Retrieve response will only contain minimal information.

To change the details of a room, including guest name, in an existing booking follow our Change Details of a Room endpoint.

To make date changes, room type changes, and/or occupancy changes use the Hard Change API.

To retrieve a test booking, see our test request documentation.

API details

Explore the booking-management-related endpoint definitions on this page, then use the API Explorer or another testing software to get an understanding of how the examples and schema definitions compare to the actual output.

Additional resources

Whether you're looking to try out all the Rapid API endpoints or to download its OpenAPI specs or our Postman collection, we have you covered.

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