The Content APIs provide you with access to content for all of Rapid’s properties

Property Content

Returns a list of property IDs or full property content for the requested active properties in the requested language.

Use this API to retrieve property IDs or full property content based on your search criteria. For example, retrieve a list of properties that have been added since last Monday or retrieve property content for a specific list of property IDs.

Property Catalog File

Returns a link to download the primary list of Rapid’s active properties in the requested language. The response includes high-level details about each property.

Use this file to obtain the full list of properties. The property details are useful when mapping to the property lists from other suppliers.

Property Content File

Returns a link to download all content for all of Rapid’s active properties in the requested language. The response includes property-level, room-level, and rate-level information.

Use this file to retrieve all content for all properties. If you only need a subset of the properties, use the Property Content API instead.

Chain Reference

Returns a complete collection of chains recognized by Rapid.

Chains represent a parent company which can have multiple brands associated with it.

A brand can only be associated with one chain. For example, Hilton Worldwide is a chain that has multiple associated brands including DoubleTree, Hampton Inn, and Embassy Suites.

Additional Reference Information


The language parameter only uses hyphenated pairs of two-digit language and country codes, see all supported languages here before integrating any codes.

Reference Lists

Property information provided in the Rapid Content APIs is often represented as IDs. Use the reference lists to understand the meaning of those IDs. The reference lists are only available in English but the localized names are returned in the APIs.

Inventory Opportunities

The Inventory Opportunities page in EPS Portal will provide you with a list of unmapped properties that are relevant for your integration with our Rapid API. Expedia often adds to its supply of lodging properties and you’ll need to review these regularly to add them or map them to other suppliers’ properties, so your travelers don’t encounter duplicates or miss out on new properties on your website.

Read more about using Inventory Opportunities in EPS Portal here.

Database Recommendations

See the content database recommendations for guidelines on setting up your content database.

Download the OpenAPI Spec (formerly Swagger) full description containing all APIs

Download the Rapid 3 Postman Collection

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