OverviewLodging APIs

Our suite of APIs enables you to automate the management of inventory, reservations, and property information in the Expedia Group marketplace.

Expedia Group's availability and booking APIs work together. All partners must adopt the Availability and Rates API and one of Expedia Group's two booking APIs.

Availability & Rates
Booking Notification
Booking Retrieval
  • Availability and Rates API enables partners to send availability, rates, and restriction updates to Expedia Group.
  • Booking Retrieval and Booking Confirmation API enables partners to retrieve and confirm reservation information as frequently as they want.
  • Booking Notification API enables partners to receive reservation information from Expedia Group in near real time, as Expedia customers make these bookings.

If you’re unsure which booking API is best for you, contact your Connectivity Account Manager.

Additional APIs enable you to list, onboard, and market your properties across all of Expedia Group’s brands.

Product API

This API enables partners to read, create, and edit room types and rate plans, without having to use Expedia Group Partner Central or contact their market manager.

Property API

This API is used to onboard property attributes, images, policies, and fees. Additionally, this API can be used to update property content after onboarding.

Image API

This API enables partners to add new images (one at a time), read images that currently exist for a property, and edit existing images' meta data like categories or room assignment.

Deposit API

The Deposit API enables Expedia Group partners to set, update or remove a property's deposit policy.