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Intro to property status

Limited Availability: At this time, this GraphQL API capability is available to pilot partners only. If you are interested in this feature, contact your Expedia Technical Relationship Manager.

The property status capability is provided by the Lodging Supply GraphQL API, which enables Expedia and Vrbo partners to retrieve property information from our systems. The property status capability enables lodging partners to programmatically retrieve the following:

  • Status (active or inactive) of a property on the Expedia platform.
  • URLs of the property's listings on the Expedia and Vrbo platforms.
  • All IDs associated with the property.
  • Found and fulfilled content requirements (referred to as "checkpoints"). Refer to the name field on the StatusCheckpoint type for a complete list.

Refer to the property query reference for details. If you are unfamiliar with GraphQL concepts, such as queries and mutations, read this overview to learn more.

Download the launch kit here.


Be aware of these as you integrate the property status capability:

  • A listing URL can be returned for a property, if requested, and it is a representation of the listing and not tied to distribution.
  • If a property is onboarded onto Expedia, only Expedia checkpoints are returned by the API (even if the property is distributed to Vrbo).
  • Not all checkpoints are included in every response when checkpoints are requested because not all checkpoints apply to all properties. And, the list of documented checkpoints may not be definitive because the list may change over time. Therefore, assumptions about the presence of any of the checkpoints should not be built into logic.

Retrieving status and IDs

Use this query to determine whether an Expedia property is active and to retrieve its IDs.

1query {
2 property(id: "9672235", idSource: EXPEDIA) {
3 ids {
4 id
5 idSource
6 }
7 name
8 activeStatus {
9 active
10 }
11 }

Retrieving all content checkpoints

Use this query to determine retrieve the content checkpoints (found and fulfilled content requirements) for a property.

1query {
2 property(id: "9672235", idSource: EXPEDIA) {
3 name
4 activeStatus {
5 active
6 statusCheckpoint {
7 name
8 lastEvaluated
9 resolutionStatus
10 checkpoints {
11 name
12 path
13 lastEvaluated
14 resolutionStatus
15 fulfilled
16 }
17 }
18 }
19 }

Determining missing content

Use this query to determine why a property is inactive and not displayed on Expedia sites. It retrieves the checkpoints that are unfulfilled.

1query {
2 property(id: "9672235", idSource: EXPEDIA) {
3 name
4 activeStatus {
5 active
6 statusCheckpoint {
7 fulfilled
8 lastEvaluated
9 checkpoints(filter: {result: FAILED}) {
10 name
11 resolutionStatus
12 fulfilled
13 }
14 }
15 }
16 }

Retrieving location and listing URLs

Use this query to retrieve a property's address and listing URLs on the Expedia and Vrbo platforms.

1query {
2 property(id: "9672235", idSource: EXPEDIA) {
3 id
4 name
5 listings(domains: [ "", "" ]) {
6 locale
7 url
8 }
9 }