Getting startedDeposit API

Prerequisite: Availability and Rates (AR) API, Booking Retrieval and Booking Confirmation APIs OR Booking Notification API, Product API (recommended)


The Deposit API is an interface that allows you to

  • Set a deposit policy at the property level
  • Read, create, or update deposit
  • Delete existing deposits

To adopt Deposit API, you must have implemented one of each: a booking API, Availability and Rates API, and Product API. Deposit API cannot be implemented alone.

The Deposit API response is transmitted to you through a synchronous connection to update the property’s system with the status of the Deposit API request. If a connectivity problem or another issue occurs, an error code will be returned that indicates what issue occurred. Requests and responses are sent in JSON documents.

Deposit API is RESTful and all requests and responses must be sent over a secure connection. All request and response bodies, including errors are encoded in JSON. Anyone wishing to try Deposit API can use the endpoints and suggested scripts. To facilitate integrating with Deposit API, Expedia Group offers a Swagger.json file documenting Deposit API’s model and operations.

Before beginning: Contact us or your Connectivity Manager to express interest in adding or upgrading an integration. If you launch an integration without following the project and integration certification process, degraded performance or failure may result.

Features of Deposit API

The following list is an overview of features included in Deposit API as well as some notable features that are not included.


  • Read a property’s deposit policy
  • Create a property’s deposit policy
  • Update deposit policies
  • Remove a property’s deposit policy

Not included:

  • Connect the property’s deposit policy to the rate plans it applies to
  • Inventory count by rate plan
  • Add new rate plans to existing room types
  • Tax remittance- Details about tax transactions between properties and Expedia Group are not returned
  • Content including room type names, descriptions, pictures, and amenities
  • Cancellation policies are not updated with this API
  • Other fees including resort fees, cleaning fees, etc.
  • Extra person fees (all ages) depending on the pricing model

Features not included with Deposit API are managed through Partner Central and other APIs. You can manage some of these features, while others are managed by your Expedia Group Market Manager.

Note: Deposit API cannot be implemented alone. You must also use an Expedia Group rates and inventory API and booking API. Contact us or your Expedia Group Connectivity Manager for further information or to express interest in adding or upgrading an integration.

Deposit policy overview

A deposit policy is what defines the customer's payment schedule, when the rate plan purchased is sold as Hotel Collect. This is possible for properties offering the Hotel Collect model and for properties participating in the Expedia Traveler Preference program, offering both Hotel Collect and Expedia Collect options to travelers. In that case, the deposit policy will be applicable to Hotel Collect bookings only, as Expedia Collect bookings are always paid in full to Expedia at time of booking.

By default, properties on Expedia Group do not have any deposit policies. For properties working on the Hotel Collect model, this means that payment for a booking is expected to be 100% collected at the property, from the guest directly when they check-out after their stay. If the property wants to collect any amount from the customer before check-in at the property, a deposit policy needs to be defined and applied to the rate plans requiring a deposit.