Getting startedProperty API

Prerequisite: Availability and Rates API, Booking Retrieval and Booking Confirmation APIs OR Booking Notification API, Product API, and Compliance and Property Status capabilities of the Lodging Supply GraphQL API.


Note: At this time, Property API is not available for adoption by new or existing partners. This API and its documentation are maintained for existing connections. If you are interested in adopting this feature or learning more about this API, please contact your Expedia Technical Relationship Manager.

The Property API enables you to

  • Onboard property attributes, images, policies, and fees
  • Update content amenities, policies, fees after onboarding
Note: Product API cannot be called to add new room types/rate plans until after a property has reached 'Onboarding Succeeded' status.

The Property API response is transmitted to the partner through an asynchronous connection to update the property’s system with the status of the Property request. If a connectivity problem or another issue occurs, an error code will be returned that indicates what issue occurred. Requests and responses are sent with JSON documents.

Because the onboarding process is an asynchronous workflow, the property status endpoint should not be polled more than once per hour to retrieve the most recent status of the property and its assigned Expedia ID.

The following list is an overview of features included in Property API as well as some notable features that are not included. The list of changes made to the API are included in the revision history.


  • Read property information using Expedia IDs and your property IDs as identifiers
  • Onboard a new property into Expedia Group’s system
  • Update the record of a property that was previously onboarded by the Property API by you or through other means (such as Expedia Partner Central)
  • Retrieve a record of the property that was previously onboarded using the Property API by you or through other means
  • Get the status of a property, e.g. Onboarding Completed, Onboarding Failed
  • Multiple business models: Hotel Collect, Expedia Collect, or Expedia Traveler Preference
  • Deactivate properties in Expedia Group's system

Not included:

  • Inventory count
  • Retrieve a record of attributes as seen on Expedia Group’s points of sale
  • Add or update room amenities for specific room types
  • Create or modify rate plans
  • Change a property’s business model
  • Onboard a property that already exists on Expedia Group
  • Deposit or cancellation policies are not updated with this API
  • Extra person fees (all ages) depending on the pricing model

Features not included with Property API are managed through Expedia Group’s Partner Central, Product API, and Image API. Some of these features can be managed by the partner, while others are managed by their Expedia Group Market Manager.