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Intro to reservations

If a lodging partner is moving existing properties to a new connectivity solution or if the partner is onboarding for the first time, the Lodging Supply GraphQL API can facilitate the onboarding process. The reservations capability of the API enables the partner to retrieve reservations made on the Expedia point-of-sale. This API alleviates the need to manually export and import reservations by simply querying for a future checkout date window.

Download the launch kit here.

Note: This capability retrieves reservations for properties that were onboarded to Expedia sites only. Retrieving reservations for Vrbo properties is not supported at this time.

Comparison to booking APIs

If you have coded to the Booking Notification or Booking Retrieval API, be aware of these differences in the response attributes of this API:

  • source field - This refers to the booking source (the point-of-sale through which the reservation was made). The Booking Notification and Booking Retrieval APIs prefix the value in the source field with an "A-"" to indicate that a reservation is Hotel Collect, such as A-Expedia or . With this API, the prefix is removed and an explicit field (businessModel) enables partners to identify the collection model (values include EXPEDIA_COLLECT and HOTEL_COLLECT).

  • With the Booking Notification and Booking Retrieval APIs, three types of transactions are available: original reservation, modified reservation, and canceled reservation. This API provides the status field, which currently only supports BOOKED and CANCELLED.

  • In the Booking Notification and Booking Retrieval APIs, BedTypes, SmokingPreference, MultiRoom Reservation Messages, and Payment Instructions are represented within Special Requests with unique special request codes. With this API, these fields that can be used: bedTypes, smokingType, and multiRoomText. The specialRequest field returns the traveler-specific requests for reservations.

  • The Booking Notification and Booking Retrieval APIs return the total amounts after tax along with the tax amount. This API returns the total amount after tax and the total amount before tax. A difference between the two indicates the tax amount.

  • This API returns Unicode characters if the guest provided these in the reservation. This includes non-ASCII characters and non-English characters such as Chinese, Japanese, and so on, which could be included in guest names and special requests. Therefore, you must support all UTF-8 and Unicode characters.


Be aware of these limitations when implementing the reservations capability:

  • The capability is read-only and returns a summary of the reservation. Write operations are not supported at this time.
  • Only booked and cancelled reservations can be retrieved; modified reservations are not currently supported.
  • The following data points are not currently retrieved: credit card information, compensation, per-stay and per-person fees, and value add promotions.
  • Only reservations for local inventory are retrieved.
  • The state of a failed reservation cannot be changed once retrieved. If a reservation failed to be delivered by XML, this capability enables you to retrieve these reservations but modifications or cancellations to those reservations must be made using the original fallback method.
  • You cannot query against a specific outage/downtime period.
  • This capability returns Expedia roomTypeID and ratePlanId, not RoomTypeCode and ratePlanCode.