Product API
Getting startedProduct API

Prerequisite: Availability and Rates API, Booking Retrieval and Booking Confirmation APIs OR Booking Notification API, Deposit API (recommended)


Note: At this time, Product API is not available for adoption by new or existing partners with the exception of its GET-related API calls. This API and its documentation are maintained for existing connections. If you are interested in adopting this feature in full or learning more about this API, please contact your Expedia Technical Relationship Manager.

The Product API enables you to

  • Read some property-level information
  • Read, create, and edit room types
  • Read, create, and edit rate plans
  • Create and edit room amenities

To adopt Product API, one of each of the following must be implemented: an Expedia Group booking API and Availability and Rates API. (The booking API depends on the connectivity solution in place.) Product API cannot be implemented alone.

Before beginning: Contact us or your Connectivity Manager to express interest in adding or upgrading an integration. If you launch an integration without following the project and integration certification process, degraded performance or failure may result.

The following list is an overview of features included in Product API as well as some notable features that are not included. The list of changes made to the API are included in the revision history.


  • Read property, room type or rate plan information using Expedia IDs as identifiers
  • Add new room types
  • Add new rate plans to existing room types
  • Update single room types and rate plans with full overlay (PUT)
  • Update single room types and rate plans with a partial overlay (PATCH)
  • Add or update room amenities
  • Pull a list of all active room types associated with a property
  • Pull a list of all active rate plans associated with a room type
  • Read and update content including room type names, descriptions, and amenities
  • Supports multiple pricing models and pricing attributes
    • Per day for base occupancy (per day pricing model)
    • Per day for base occupancy and per length of stay (per day, length of stay pricing model)
    • Per day by occupancy (occupancy-based pricing model)
  • Supports multiple rate plan types
    • Standalone
    • Package
    • Corporate
  • Supports rate updates being interfaced as Sell Rates (gross rate paid by customer) or Net Rates (Sell Rate excluding compensation)
  • Cancellation policies
  • Value Add Inclusions - special features included with the rate
  • Extra person fees (all ages) depending on the pricing model
  • Service charges - both per person and per stay

Not included:

  • Updates by property for room types and rate plans using property’s internal codes as identifiers (only Expedia IDs can be used)
  • Tax remittance- Details about tax transactions between properties and Expedia Group are not returned
  • Deposit policies cannot be created or updated with this API. Deposits can be enabled on the rate plan level with Product API, but the policy itself must be created first with Deposit API.
  • Other fees including resort fees, cleaning fees, etc.

Features not included with Product API are managed through Expedia Group’s Partner Central, Deposit API, Image API, and Property API. Some of these features can be self-managed, while others are managed by your Expedia Group Market Manager.