ReferenceProperty API

Resources and endpoints

Expedia Group’s APIs live under the domain. API users should make sure to use the fully qualified domain name in their requests to our APIs only, and they should never try to guess/hardcode the IP address that this address resolves to. In order to provide a robust, highly available and scalable solution, Expedia Group may change the IP address being used without notice.



Production endpoint

Set property details

PUT property information to initiate onboarding.

PUT{provider name}

Get property details by provider property ID

GET a property's information by its provider property ID. Returns a copy of the information sent by the partner to Expedia and is used to verify what was sent to Expedia systems.

GET{provider name}/{provider property ID}

Get property details by Expedia property ID

GET property information within Expedia Group's systems using the Expedia property ID.


Update properties

Update one or more properties by sending a full overlay.

Note: PATCH is not supported.

PUT{provider name}

Get property status

GET current onboarding status of the specified property

GET{provider name}/{provider property ID}/status

Update by ExpediaID

Update a property by specifying its Expedia Property ID (assigned during onboarding)


Deactivate property

Deactivate a property in the Expedia Group system

DELETE{provider name}/{provider property ID}

Property Manager readiness

This method can be used to retrieve Property Manager information for property managers that are configured and ready to be onboarded on Expedia Group.

GET{provider name}