Getting startedProperty API


In order to be able to manage properties in production, you must be authorized by Expedia Group or by the individual properties using the self-service Connectivity section of Partner Central to connect with you.

After you register with Expedia Group, properties can select your service and authorize you with Partner Central. When this happens, an email is sent to you that confirms that you are now authorized to manage the property via API calls. The email also indicates that your unique account was authorized to manage this additional property.

API credentials allow you to maintain a centralized login for multiple properties and to add new properties to your portfolio without having to add additional passwords or reset existing passwords. API credentials and Partner Central login information are not the same. Partner Central logins can be used to access properties connected to Expedia Group with their systems in Partner Central.

This API uses a Basic Authorization scheme. The same API credentials used to manage properties with other Expedia Group APIs are compatible with this API.

You must encode (Base64) a valid username and password and include it in the HTTP header of the request. Here is an example:

Authorization: Basic RVFDdGVzdDEyOTMzODcwOmV3NjduazMz

where "RVFDdGVzdDEyOTMzODcwOmV3NjduazMz" is the Base64-encoded username:password.

Note: Questions about API credentials should be directed to your Expedia Group Technical Relationship Manager. If you have development questions or have not worked with Expedia Group before, contact us.