ReferenceProperty API

Error messaging

Error messaging in Property API helps the partner understand why a read (GET), create (PUT), update (PUT), or deactivation (DELETE) request is denied.

Expedia Group recommends a robust retry strategy when resolving errors.

Connectivity errors

Connectivity errors are reported when communication disruption occurs between Expedia Group and your software.

If the problem is:

  • Connection timeout (before establishing connection)
  • Cannot resolve host name
  • Cannot establish connection

Before looking for assistance, the partner should:

  1. Verify the URL used to connect to the API and make sure the address starts with https://.
  2. Verify the domain name, and make sure that the address you are using is the right one for the environment you are targeting. Do not try to send QA information to production, or vice-versa.
  3. If the partner's system is behind a firewall, make sure that port 443 is opened for connection to Expedia's production environment.
  4. Retry. If additional assistance is required, contact us.
HTTP status codes

After submitting a request for any of the endpoints, acknowledgement or errors will be returned in the HTTP headers. The API will leverage HTTP status codes as defined by RFC 2616, Section 10. Users should expect HTTP status codes from the API as indicated in the table below.

Status Code





Success message

No subsequent action needed


Request successfully received and is processing

No subsequent action required.

To get processing status, see the status attribute contained in the response body.


Error message



Validation error

Fix input and retry

Must address errors listed in the Validation attribute contained within the response body and resubmit.


Internal error


Internal system error when attempting to process the message.