ReferenceImage API

Revision history

Image API online documentation will only be maintained for the latest available version. When a new version is published, the documentation will only reflect the latest version of the API.

Additionally, older versions will be kept for six months at most after the release of a new version, to give you time to migrate. Those using older versions will be notified when versions are slated for retirement and be given time to migrate over.

The following updates have been made to the Image API, from newest to oldest updates:

November 2022

Updated GET request to include pagination, which enables partners to call for lists of images beyond the first 1000 active images.

Oct 2022

Updated error codes list with two new codes, 3806 and 3807.

May 2021

Updated request and best practice information to note that only the first 1,000 active images are returned during a GET of all images.

March 2021

Updated the categoryCodesEnum list with new Category Codes for Wardrobe, Elevator, Cleanliness standards, Property map, Pet-friendly amenities, Capsule, In-room fitness, Wardrobe, and Surfing/boogie boarding.

June 2020

Updated the categoryCodesEnum list with new Category Codes for Exterior Patio and Spa category groups.

April 2020

Updated the categoryCodesEnum list with new Category Codes for Exterior, Room and Property Amenity groups.

August 2019

Updated the categoryCodesEnum list with structure type-neutral codes.

September 2016

The API now supports updates to existing images’ metadata via PATCH verb. The PATCH modify operation is a way for you to send a request containing only the data you would like to modify about the image, as opposed to the entire data about the resource. From your perspective, the PATCH feature allows for modification of the image resource without having to pre-load the entire data about the resource.

Expedia Group implemented the Merge-PATCH strategy for Image API. You can send any of the top-level elements you'd like to modify, and omit the ones you do not want to change. Expedia Group will take care of merging the resource updates and preserve what was not included in your PATCH request.

For complete information, refer to PATCH feature.

September 2016

Renamed guide by resourceID.

August 2016

Clarified categories and added examples to documentation.

August 2016

Release Image API v1.