LearnImage API

Lodging data model

In the Expedia Group lodging data model, properties, room types, and rate plans are stored according to the following hierarchy:

  • Each property has one or more room types
  • Each room type has one or more rate plans
  • Each rate plan belongs to a single room type
  • Each rate plan is associated with a single cancellation policy and a single set of additional guest amounts.

Product API enables partners to first create a room type, and subsequently create rate plans for that room type. The partner is expected to add rate plans for every room type created, even if the system will not enforce this rule automatically.

Most partners are required to offer a package rate plan for each standalone rate plan made available to Expedia Group.

The following example illustrates the model and gives an overview of the type of data that needs to be set at various levels:

product api updated eg documentation image1

Image guidelines

Expedia Group recommends providing travelers with photos that showcase different aspects of the property, including:

  • 4 or more photos for each room type and 1 photo of the bathroom
  • 1 exterior photo
  • 1 entrance/lobby photo
  • 1 photo per key amenity (such as pool, fitness center, recreation activities)

Photos should be high resolution, or 2,880 pixels or higher on the longest edge, with a maximum file size of 15 MB, and in one of the following file formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • BMP

Property API does not send error messages when an image is rejected. To find out what images are currently associated with a property, use Image API or the GET by Expedia ID functionality in Property API.

Partners are not required to load various sizes of the same image. Partners should load the highest possible resolution for each image and Expedia Group will then produce all required derivatives to make the image experience optimal across all features and points of sale.

Photos may be rejected if the image includes any of the following:

  • Text or graphic overlays
  • Borders
  • Inappropriate material (nudity, adult themes, etc.)
  • Close-up
  • Logos, maps, floor plans, or illustrations
  • Montage or collage
  • Black and white or sepia
  • Blurry or pixelated

To upload images with Property API or Image API, partners must have their images hosted on an HTTP/HTTPS site or at an Amazon Web Services (AWS) location. Expedia Group cannot currently accept other types of locations like FTP or SFTP. Partners wishing to push files need to use Partner Central to do so.

Note: For more details see the Expedia Group photo guidelines.