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Integration overview


This topic introduces you to the Image API integration.

If you are looking for information about capabilities offered by additional APIs, such as Property API or Product API, refer to the overview page.

To get started:

  • If you already use other Expedia Group APIs, access in a browser and provide your API username and password credentials when prompted.
  • If you are a new partner, you must register with Expedia and obtain API credentials by submitting your request on this page. You can also obtain the rights to use a test property to run tests before going to production with a new integration.

Integration project timeline

AR booking Image

Integration overview

You can use the Image API to read (GET), create (POST), update partially (PATCH), or remove (DELETE) images and their categories and metadata.


  • The API only supports HTTP 1.1. Requests made with HTTP 1.0 will be denied.
  • All JSON documents must be well-formed. The service will return JSON documents for read, create, and update requests and will accept JSON payloads for create and update requests.
  • TLS 1.2 is required.Connections using SSL or TLS below v1.2 protocol are not accepted by the API.
  • Be secured using basic authentication.

Steps to enable online Image API updates

  1. The partner submits a form to advise Expedia Group that you would like to adopt Image API (please note that an Expedia Group booking API together with a rates and inventory API must be in place prior to developing Image API).
  2. An Expedia Group Technical Relationship Manager contacts the partner to set priorities, determine partner needs, and obtain image host URL.
  3. Expedia Group Technical Relationship Manager provides the image host URL to the Integration Team to initiate the process.
  4. Integration Team forwards partner the Image API test plan so they can self-certify.
  5. Partner develops API and completes the self-test plan, returning to the Integration Team to review.
  6. Once the Integration Team confirms the test plan was successful, they will advise the partner and the Expedia Group Technical Relationship Manager that the partner is Image API certified.

More details are provided in the Development requirements.

Integration testing

When ready to test, you will contact the Expedia Group Technical Relationship Manager assigned to your account for access to the guides and testing tools.

Testing for this API consists of self-tests using test properties in a live production environment. When the self-tests have been completed, forward the test plan to the Integration team for audit. Once the test plan passes review and the Technical Relationship Manager signs off, you will be Image API certified.

After launch

  • You must continue to adhere to our License Agreement
  • Monitor your Image API connection for any errors
  • Report any errors received in any Image API response and how they have been resolved