Revision history

The following updates have been made to the reservation capability of the Lodging Supply GraphQL API schema, from newest to oldest updates:

January 2024

Added the travelPurpose field to the Guest object (in the reservations capability) to enable partners to identify the reason for a guest's reservation.

December 2023

Added the cancelReservation mutation to reservations capability to enable partners to cancel reservations on or before a reservation’s check-in date.

October 2023

The following types have been added or updated to bring the API into parity with EPC:

  • Guest : phoneNumbers
  • SupplierLoyaltyPlanInfo : planCode
  • SupplierLoyaltyPlanInfo : membershipNumber
  • Reservation : childAges
  • Reservation : tidsCode
  • Guest : emailAddress

In addition, these fields have been deprecated:

  • Reservation : loyaltyTier (loyaltyTier is now in the Guest object)
  • Reservation : guestContact (replaced by primaryGuest)

For more information, refer to the reservations query.

March 2023

Added the guestContact object, reconciliationType field, and isReconciled field to the reservations query.

December 2022

Added the reservation update feature to the reservations capability, which added the cancelReservationReconciliation and changeReservationReconciliation mutations.

November 2022
  • Added the lastUpdatedDateTime filter to the reservations query, enabling partners to backload reservation data for reservation events that were impacted by a delivery connection outage.
  • Added the loyaltyTier field to the Reservation object to enable partners to retrieve guest loyalty tier.
  • Added the accessibilityText field to the Reservation object to enable partners to retrieve accessibility requests made by the guest for the reservation.
  • Added the valueAddedPromotions field to the Reservation object, enabling partners to retrieve value add promotions (VAP) used to book the reservation.
  • Removed checkInTime, checkOutTime, petCount, and paymentSchedule from the Reservation object.
  • Removed emailAddressandphoneNumberfrom theGuest` object.
October 2022

Updated endpoints:

  • Token service, from to
  • API endpoint, from to

Schema changes:

  • Property : geoLocation is deprecated and replaced with coordinates
  • Address : city is deprecated and replaced with locality
  • Address : country is deprecated and replaced with countryCode
  • Address : line1, line2, line3 are deprecated and replaced with addressLines
  • Address : province is deprecated and replaced with administrativeArea
  • sublocality field added to the Address object
February 2022

Added the reservation ID filter to the reservation query, enabling partners to query for reservations based on ID.

October 2021

Added reconciliationEligibility to the Reservation type to enable partners to determine whether a reservation can be reconciled (using the reservation reconciliation capability).

May 2021

Released the initial version of the reservation retrieval feature of the reservations capability of the Lodging Partner GraphQL API.