Getting startedAvailability and Rates API


During authentication, the API tries to extract the username and password information included in XML messages for the API. The Authentication element is found under the root element of any request, and it contains an attribute for username and an attribute for password. These attributes must be in clear text in the XML message so that the servers can read them and grant access to the property.

The username and password (API credentials) needed for authentication will be provided after you submit an Expedia Group API enrollment form. API credentials allow you to maintain a centralized login for multiple properties and allow you to add new properties to your portfolio without having to add additional passwords or reset existing passwords. Be aware that API credentials and Partner Central login information are not the same. Partner Central logins can be used to access properties connected to Expedia Group with their systems in Partner Central.

Note: Questions about API credentials should be directed to your Expedia Group Technical Relationship Manager. Anyone that has not worked with Expedia Group before, please contact us to get started.