Expedia Group’s Connectivity Partner Program
Expedia Group’s Connectivity Partner Program is designed to recognize our top connectivity partners and reward them with exclusive benefits. The program offers benefits for connectivity partners in two qualifying tiers, Elite and Preferred, which may include business advantages, special product access and collaboration, and premium promotion. Connectivity partners can qualify based on their standing across various guest experience, engagement quality, and technical criteria metrics.
Get exclusive benefits

For the 2024 Connectivity Partner Program, both Elite and Preferred partners will be eligible for the following potential benefits, unless otherwise noted.1

Business advantages

  • Enhanced account management and technical support
  • Business reviews
  • Exclusive financial incentive program

Product collaboration & first access

  • Early access to APIs and capabilities2
  • Product reviews

Premium promotion

  • Promotion as Preferred or Elite Connectivity Partner
  • Tailored marketing opportunities (Elite only)
  • Premium event invitation (Elite only)

How to qualify

Connectivity partners can secure Elite or Preferred status in the 2024 Connectivity Partner Program by reaching specific goals and business and technical metrics under the categories listed.3

Qualifying metrics
Product and inventory completenessOptimization initiatives (LDI, Stop Sell, Room Type, Rate Plan, Custom)
Offer strengthOptimization initiatives (Mobile, MOD, RR, Promo, Custom)
Guest experience*Relocations (Hotel Overbooked, Rate Discrepancy, Booking Not Sent, etc.)
Production / GrowthBooked Room Nights / Booked Room Nights Growth (YoY)
Partner engagement quality Survey and feedback engagement  Leadership level engagement
Connection experienceAPI/capability certification  Technical optimization initiatives  API/capability adoption speed  API success rate
Onboarding experienceConnectivity activation time
2024 Connectivity Partner Program minimum requirements

System type requirements: Channel Manager, Property Management System (PMS), and/or Central Reservation System (CRS)

Technical requirements: Availability/Rates API with support for Expedia Traveler Preference (ETP), Booking Retrieval/ Notification API with support for Expedia Virtual Card (EVC) and Value Add Promotions (VAP), PCI compliance (where applicable)


The Connectivity Partner Program will operate on an annual basis:

  • December 2022: Program criteria announced
  • January 1 – December 31, 2023: Program qualification measurement period for 2024
  • Q1 2024 – Elite and Preferred partners announced for 2024 program

See the current list of Elite and Preferred Connectivity Partners

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1 The list of benefits offered in the program is subject to change by Expedia and benefits with additional qualifying criteria or availability considerations are noted.

2 Expedia will determine in its sole discretion whether any API or capability is offered to connectivity partners qualified to receive this benefit.

3 Expedia will determine in its sole discretion whether connectivity partners are accepted or can remain in the program.