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Virtual Assistant

Scale your customer service with automated chat capabilities.


Meeting travelers’ wants and needs in real-time is challenging. Travelers expect fast, around-the-clock support, yet some companies are still facing staffing shortages and have limited resources. This explains why we are seeing a spike in growth in the use or planned use of AI chatbots in the travel and hospitality industry. Current data supports this growth, according to Forrester Research, with a 15% increase in customer retention reported by travel and entertainment organizations implementing AI and automation technology.

With a virtual assistant, you can improve traveler experience by giving customers access to a trusted advisor that can answer a variety of questions and respond to requests in real time. The virtual assistant can respond to inquiries related to hotel policies, dining, transportation, and housekeeping, and comes with easy self-serve options for you to add more complex features like booking changes, restaurant reservations, and more.


Create flexible virtual assistants, enabled by state-of-the-art conversational AI. Anyone can build, configure, and install with little to no programming experience required. Our virtual assistants are trained on billions of traveler conversations and will be available in 2023.


Enhance your brand image and voice with customized themes, logos, and greetings. Create visually appealing responses with rich cards and informative guidance with quick replies


Create plug and play virtual assistants for traveler conversations with low-code tools


Leverage pre-built templates that are trained on natural language to unlock travel-ready solutions


Monitor the performance of each virtual assistant with metrics and understand traveler behavior with data insights for every interaction

Use cases

Assist travelers with prearrival logistics and check-in instructions

Improve guest experience by providing entertainment and amenity information

Streamline room service operations and on-property reservations

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