Quick start guide to the Java SDK

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This section provides information about how to set up and use the Open World platform SDK for Java.

1. Sign up for a partner account

Before you can access any API endpoint, you need to sign up for a partner account using the Expedia Group Console.

2. Create API credentials

In the Console, go to the product catalog and add the Fraud Prevention Service to your partner account. You can then create an API client from the link in the menu and add the product scopes to it. Be sure to save your API client ID and secret to a secure location once it's created.

3. Set up a Java development environment

Your development environment needs to have Java 8 or later. You can use Apache Maven or Gradle to configure SDK dependencies for your projects.

            <!-- version -->
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.expediagroup.openworld.sdk:openworld-java-sdk-fraudpreventionv2'

4. Create a service client and configure credentials

All API requests must be authenticated using your API client ID and secret. Create a FraudPreventionV2Client and configure it with your credentials.

FraudPreventionV2Client fraudPreventionClient =

(Optional) 4.1. Configure endpoint and request timeout

The service client can also be configured with an endpoint and request timeout (in milliseconds) to override the default values.

FraudPreventionV2Client fraudPreventionClient =

5. Build request object and make API calls

Build your request object using the classes defined in the SDK, and use the service client to make the API call using it.

OrderPurchaseScreenRequest request =
         /* ... */

Need more information? Check out our usage examples.

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